Why You Should Have a Color Printer at Work

Have you given much thought as to why you should have a color printer at work? We’re here to make the case for having a color printer in three points:

Increased Retention

Imagine without a color printer how much harder it is to draw attention to the key parts of your presentation. Color documents can be a lot more eye-catching for things such as graphs and charts. This also allows you to boost reader retention so much better.

More Persuasive

Color documents can be so much more helpful when it comes to selling the point you’re trying to make. The specific colors have a significant emotional impact on the reader. Red and orange convey a message of excitement or caution. Blue and green are more appropriate when you are trying to be reassuring.

Color Printer

Conveys Professionalism

Color documents tend to be more professional when it comes to your clients and customers. A willingness to spend a little extra on color can show them that you are serious about the business relationship. Many effective businesses do their images and graphics in vibrant color.

Whether you choose to print materials in color or black/white, Southwest Florida Office Solutions has the hardware to help you. We have color printers, black/white printers, multi-function printers, Xerox machines, and more.

We not only market printers to you, but we also fix them! SWFL Office Solutions is an authorized service provider for all five major printer manufacturers. Here are just some of the ways we can service your printers and other hardware:

  • On-Site Service
  • Depot Service
  • Network Connectivity
  • Telephone Support
  • Full-Service Maintenance Agreements
  • Managed Printer Services
  • . . . and more!

We serve Manatee/Sarasota/Charlotte counties as well as Lee/Collier/Hendry counties, and Orange/Seminole/Volusia/Brevard/Osceola/Lake counties. We also know that cyber security is a growing concern of yours. That’s we offer unrivaled security for total peace of mind. We can help you safeguard sensitive data, prevent unauthorized access, manage threats proactively, stay compliant with regulations, and gain complete visibility. See more about security assistance here.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions offers a Total Satisfaction Guarantee, good for a whole year, where if you are not totally satisfied with your Xerox equipment, we replace it with something comparable. This applies only to equipment maintained by Xerox.

If any of these services or products sound useful to you or you’re convinced it’s time to upgrade to a color printer, then we invite you to contact us about your products or visit one of our three southwest Florida locations at North Venice, Winter Park, or Fort Myers. We can’t wait to help you with all your printing and copying needs.