When Should You Buy a New Printer?

It’s most likely time to buy a new printer whether it stops working entirely or has become impaired in a way that compromises its overall usage. Additionally, if your printer is no longer capable of meeting your needs, investing in a contemporary printer that can keep up with your lifestyle is a smart idea. A telltale sign that your printer is no longer serving your needs is if it cannot accommodate the essential volume of production that you require.

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Slow or outdated technology

If your current printer is annoyingly slow, it could be because of its outdated technology or it may be an indication that its internal elements are failing. Print blemishes from a faulty ink/toner cartridge can be ruled out by replacing the cartridge and see if the issue is resolved. If this does not remedy the problem, it’s probably a sign that your printer is on a downhill slope. 


Perhaps the most obvious indication that you need to replace your printer is when you see signs that it’s malfunctioning. There are many different indications that your printer is starting to fail. Constant clicking or grinding sounds could be an indication that you have a loose gear or roller inside the printer. Or, it could indicate that your printer is nearing the end of its days. Excessive print malfunctions may be the clearest sign that your printer isn’t working. Repairing a printer can be time-consuming and costly if you need to first locate and then purchase new parts. Another drawback is that many types of older ink and toner cartridges become obsolete and cannot easily be obtained. Due to the aforementioned considerations, it may very well be wiser financially to simply buy a new printer.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions has a printer just for you

Print technology has come a very long way within the last 10 years in terms of performance, speed, and abilities such as scanning, automatic double-sided printing, and other convenient functions. 

Southwest Florida Office Solutions carries a variety of black and white, color, laser, and Xerox printers. Our Sarasota office is located in North Venice, Florida, and may be reached by calling (941) 484-4767. Thank you for taking an interest in Southwest Florida Office Solutions. We hope to serve you in the near future.

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