What’s the Difference Between an Ink Printer and a Laser Printer?

There are important differences between ink printers and laser printers that consumers need to consider regarding which style to purchase. Southwest Florida Office Solutions describes the distinctions between the types of printers below.


Inkjet printers simply use liquid ink contained in cartridges to print images. Laser printers utilize an entirely different method than ink printers. An image is created on the drum and then given an electrical charge.  Afterwards, a laser writes the image onto the drum. Then, a roller applies the toner onto the drum where it is transported onto paper. Finally, a fuser dissolves the toner onto the page and places the image on the paper.                                                                                               

Inkjet printers are low in cost since the technology required to create an image is much more basic compared to laser printers. Inkjet printers suffice when it comes to occasional personal use in home settings. The likelihood of encountering problems increases tremendously in business environments resulting from consistent and more complicated usage.

Ink printers are not usually designed to be serviced or have their components replaced. When the liquid ink in the nozzle dries and causes clogging or the internal plastic parts break, people commonly discard their printers instead of attempting to have them fixed. 

The majority of corporations obtain laser printers because they are able to meet the demands of  business settings. These printers are able to be repaired, and unlike ink, dry powder cannot cause clogs. Laser printers are capable of producing an unbelievable volume of prints throughout their life spans. Another wonderful benefit is that the toner lasts much longer than an ink cartridge before having to be replaced. The cost to print one page with a laser printer is much less expensive than that of an ink printer. 

Sizable laser printers are capable of top-notch production in the business world. Plus, they have enhanced network security systems that shield corporations from revealing confidential information and block network access from hackers. All in all, laser printers are exceptionally reliable, highly efficient, reasonably uncomplicated to manage, and definitely save businessowners money.

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