Understanding the Essentials of a Managed Print Services Contract

It doesn’t matter what services you obtain, you should always understand the contract details. That’s the document that shows you exactly what you get when you pay for managed print services, one of our specialties at Southwest Florida Office Solutions. This article will review the concept of managed print services and provide a brief outline for understanding the actual service contract.

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The Purpose of Managed Print Services

This is a systematic approach to streamlining and optimizing all the printing and copying you perform at your business. For some companies, that can be substantial, making it essential to have an organized framework.

In a nutshell, our service allows you to rein in excess printing waste by doing all the following (and more):

  • Print Monitoring & Reporting
  • Assessments on Printing Infrastructures
  • Equipment Upgrades (wherever necessary)
  • Security Implementations
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Through these crucial components, you can minimize waste, reduce equipment degradation, and enjoy far superior control over your printing activities. So, if you elect to partner with us for managed printing, what would the service contract contain?

What You’ll Find in a Managed Print Services Contract

  1. Supplies & Services – What supplies and services come with the managed print deal? This would cover printer parts, labor (installation and maintenance), and consumable items (i.e., paper, cartridges, staples, and so forth). We always encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with these components to avoid experiencing confusion when they receive their first service bill.
  2. Usage Costs – The contract should also specify, in simple terms, the costs you would incur for printer usage. These boil down to “costs per page,” which may also appear as “costs per click.” Both terms are effectively the same, showing the business owner what they can expect regarding the size/style of the page, along with color/non-colored outputs.
  3. Base Charges – These are the flat fees you would pay (usually per month, per device) for managed print services. Base charges will appear on your contract as both the flat fee ($ per month) along the usage costs (cents per printed page).

Is Managed Print Services Ideal for Your Business?

This is a very preliminary or basic glance at service costs and contracts. Once we’re able to assess your specific needs, we can offer a detailed cost estimate, taking into account your entire printing/copying arrangement.

If this sounds like something that would suit your business, saving you time and money, then consider managed print services with Southwest Florida Office Solutions. It’s never been easier to streamline and maximize your electronic systems and hardware with our help. To learn more about our service contract terms, you’re welcome to reach us anytime by calling 941-484-4767.