The Most Common Things That Can Go Wrong with Copiers

When it comes to office machines, the copier is one of the most frequently used devices. When a copier is used often, it may encounter some problems. This can be frustrating for employees, especially if the problems are avoidable. To learn more about the most common things that can go wrong with copiers, keep reading.


Most machines in the office that use paper can encounter a paper jam. Copiers are no different. Paper jams can happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common reasons is the paper was loaded incorrectly. If you are making sure the paper is loaded properly and you are still experiencing jams, it’s time to contact a repairperson.

Another popular copier problem is ink guzzling. Do you find yourself replacing the ink cartridges more often than you think you should be? You might be having an ink-guzzling issue. To prevent this problem, ask employees to be considerate when making copies. You can also set the print quality to reduce the amount of dark ink used. This can lessen ink expenses.

If a machine is used too much, it can overheat. However, a failing machine can also overheat. If you are using your copier often, you may notice it is running hot. Give the device some time to cool down and you shouldn’t have any problems. However, if you notice your printer overheating and you’re not overusing it, check for any broken parts of malfunctions. If you can’t identify anything on your own, reach out to a mechanic.

You may encounter confusing codes when you’re working with a copier. These codes may be too complex for you to understand or they may be too difficult to locate in the owner’s manual. If you have problems with confusing codes, contact a professional to repair any problems your copier is experiencing.

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