Steps You Can Take to Secure Your Printer

Whether you work in an office, own your own business, or have children in school, you know how crucial a printer is to your everyday life. When it comes to data security, protecting your printer is just as important as the rest of your computer. According to research provided by Hewlett-Packard, 90% of businesses have suffered at least one data loss through unsecured printing. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are steps you can take to further secure your personal or business printer. 

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New Technology Solutions

If a potential attack on your printer occurs you’ll want a solution that provides immediate action. New technology has been created that automatically monitors any threats, detects intrusions, and validates operating solutions. Receiving an instant notification of any security issues that may occur can prevent your printer data from being compromised. Any device that copies, prints, scans, or faxes can benefit from these new technology solutions. 

Security Assessment

If you’re unsure of how protected or unprotected your printer is, a security assessment can help you better understand this issue. A risk assessment report will give you the answers that you’re looking for when it comes to printer security vulnerabilities. Once this report is complete you can take the next steps to properly secure your printer. A professional team can help you install printer utility software that will further identify and report any feature that may not be compliant. 

Secure Release Solution

If you’ve worked in an office before you’ve probably experienced the “print and sprint” technique. With the help of a secure release solution, you’ll no longer have to run to the printer in fear of someone seeing your output. This software will hold any jobs at the server level and will only release them if the user uses a badge scan or passcode. This software will also automatically delete print jobs held longer than 3 days or any amount of time that you choose. 

Limit Access

Badge scans and passcodes are also beneficial to help limit access to business printers. If a forensic investigation ever needs to be done tracking printer use will be extremely beneficial to finding answers. Software that limits access will show exactly who’s been printing as well as what, how much, and when they’ve used the printer. Preventing unauthorized people to have access to your printer will help keep it safe and secure. 

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