Signs Your Printer Needs to be Serviced

Every year more than 90 million printers are bought and shipped to offices and homes throughout the United States. Each year, more printers are being sold because printers are one of the most important office supplies, so when one breaks or starts performing oddly, it can be detrimental. After all, busy offices rely heavily on printers to deliver essential documents daily, so it’s crucial that they continue to function properly. 

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Unfortunately, no matter which printer you purchase, it isn’t going to last forever, but you can extend its lifespan as long as possible by routinely servicing it. A printer repair and servicing company like Southwest Florida Office Solutions can evaluate your home or office printer to determine if there are minor or major problems and service it to fix them. 

Yet, how do you know if your printer needs a service? In our article, we’re going to take away some of the guesswork by discussing a few of the signs your printer needs to be serviced. 

What Are The Three Signs Your Printer Needs To Be Serviced?

Below are the three signs that your printer needs to be serviced to continue operating as it should. Although it might be tempting to scrap a dysfunctional printer, you might be able to get it repaired, which will save you money and hassle in the long run. 

So, if your printer is experiencing any of these issues, consider speaking with a Southwest Florida Office Solutions professional. 

  1. Frequent Paper Jams

A common problem that plagues all home and office printers at some point in time are paper jams. Although most printers will succumb to a paper jam now and then, it should not be a recurring problem. So if a printer frequently experiences paper jams, it’s a sign that there could be an internal issue. 

Your very first step should be to try and remove the stuck sheets of paper and look for any noticeable obstructions. If there are none that you can see, it’s usually best to call a printer service technician from Southwest Florida Office Solutions. A technician can tell you if there is an issue with the rollers that feed the paper or if there is an obstruction and fix the problem.

  1. Blurry Lines And Blots of Ink

No matter your printer, it should always print clear and smudge-proof text and images. If your home or office printer is printing pages with lines across every page, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong and your printer needs to be serviced. If you don’t get it serviced, the issue is likely to become worse. 

Additionally, if a printer is causing blotted lines to appear on printed pages, it’s another sign you need to service it. Blots of ink could signify that the thermal ribbons or ink roller is loose or broken. A professional technician can service your printer to replace the broken rollers and fix this issue or tell you if there is a different problem. 

  1. Odd Printer Noises

Most printers make some noise, but you shouldn’t ignore loud grinding or whirring sounds. If your printer has begun making loud and unusual sounds while printing or stationary, it could indicate that a part has become loose inside or something is stuck. 

After having a look to determine if it could be a paper jam or similar problem, consider speaking with a printer technician. With the technician’s advice, you can determine if you should fix it or purchase a new one. 

Have you noticed these signs or other oddities with your home or office printer? If so, it’s likely time to consider hiring a professional printer technician from Southwest Florida Office Solutions to service your unit. One of our printer service technicians would be happy to have a look at your unit and fix or replace it. So simply get in touch with our expert team today to request a quote. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

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