Should I Fix My Own Office Copier?

Does your high-volume office copier struggle with constant paper jams, page wrinkling, fading ink, or other problems?

Copiers are complex equipment, and even the best brands experience wear and tear after thousands of copies and prints. If you notice these issues or malfunctions, should you attempt to repair an office copier yourself?

Find out why we recommend calling a professional rather than trying to DIY repair your copiers and printers.

Reasons NOT to Fix a Copier By Yourself

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  1. DIY Repairs Could Void Your Warranty – It’s just like doing too much extensive maintenance on your own car or certain appliances. If you dig into something and make matters worse, then it’s easy to void a warranty. Often, the smarter solution (especially for newer copiers) would be to leverage the warranty, and call a service technician. Don’t forget that it’s also almost always more cost effective to utilize a customized maintenance agreement (if you possess one).
  2. It Could Create Longer Downtime – That’s because you may not be able to do the repairs as efficiently as a dedicated service professional. In today’s fast-paced business environment, you don’t need us to tell you how expensive downtime can be.
  3. You Might Not Have the Correct Parts – Would you use the light bulbs intended for a motorcycle headlight to do a replacement on a 4X4 truck? No, of course not, because they’re way different. Copiers are like this, too. They have several minor components, and each brand uses specific, custom parts. Therefore, it helps to work with a repair expert who knows what to use on your specific machine.
  4. Your Copier May Be Beyond Repair – Alas, it may just be time to buy another copier or printer if the equipment has become irreparable. If that’s the case, then our company can help you explore various copier products. In the meantime, you may want to at least have an expert inspect your copier, diagnose problems, and suggest maintenance solutions.

What Should You Do to Fix a Copier or Printer?

Part of our customer service involves either on-site or depot service. We possess a full staff of printer maintenance technicians who can either troubleshoot your machine in person or help you over the phone in certain scenarios. This includes addressing everything from toner/cartridge problems to paper jams.

So, if you’d like to hold on to your copier warranty, and enjoy a better resolution to performance issues, then call Southwest Office Solutions for fast support. We’re available in three Florida locations (Sarasota, Naples, and Winter Park), providing prompt printer/copier maintenance for commercial clients. Contact us anytime to schedule service or explore new products by calling 941-484-4767.