Saving Money on Ink for a Cost-Effective Office

There’s no denying that managing an office can be a stressful endeavor, not to mention one that can be quite costly. And of all of the items you need to look after and make allotments in your budget for, the printing supplies probably take up a considerable amount. Paper, ink, toner, all of these can add up quickly and take up a considerable amount out of your budget. Today, we’ll be going over some helpful tips to reduce costs and prevent your profits from being ransacked on account of productivity. 

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First off—How much do you spend on ink? The average office purchases an ink cartridge that will yield 2,300 pages. It might seem like a lot, but this is certainly normal for the modern American office. And while your ink might be advertised as being able to handle this workload, if you’re not using the right toner, you might only be getting half of that amount. This greatly affects costs and causes a great amount of undue stress. 

How to Save

With costs adding up, it might seem like getting frustrated is all too easy. Don’t worry! These helpful tips will help you do some major cost-cutting and get you ahead in the game. 

Consider a Laser Printer 

If you work in a field that requires a lot of document printing, you might be wasting a considerable amount of money on ink each month. Getting a laser printer might be one of the best investments you choose to make. You’ll quickly notice that it costs less to print a page, and the saving will certainly be noticeable. While laser printers usually cost more up-front, the savings that they generate are certainly worth it. 

Switch to a High-Yield Toner 

If you already have a laser printer, you might want to consider switching to a high-yield toner. These are meant to print high volumes of work, and a single cartridge can last for a considerable amount of time. Think of this as buying in bulk–with a single up-front cost, you’ll be able to have something that goes the distance for longer, allowing you to focus your attention on other items. 

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