Reasons Printing Will Never Die

Printing is definitely not dead, and it probably never will be for several reasons. The old assumption that digital tools would someday render printing obsolete has never happened.

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Why do businesses and people still appreciate printed materials? We can think of several reasons, which is why we sell printer products and help folks with hardware assembly.

The Primary Reasons Printing Will Never Die

  1. People Experience Digital Fatigue
    • As we spend more and more time in front of electronic screens, many users suffer from digital fatigue. That means they no longer respond to digital advertising as frequently since they encounter them all the time. On the contrary, there is evidence that advertisers can create a more effective“ pattern interrupt” through printed materials now that folks have gotten almost overly familiar with electronic advertisements. 
  2. There’s Still a Demand for Having a Physical Copy
    • Yes, there is indeed still a demand for hard-copy materials. Why is that, though? Because, despite its many merits, digital materials do not elicit the same brand recall rate as a print copy. In other words, survey research shows that respondents were 77% more likely to remember a brand they saw in print, whereas only 46% could do so from digital advertising.
  3. It’s Fun and Effective to Integrate Print & Digital Materials
    • All of this is to say that the wave of the future involves finding the best mix of paper and electronic communication. This is true of not only advertising, but even things like wedding invitations, article writing, and business presentations. Many white-collar managers tell us they host meetings with an electronic PowerPoint presentation, but also print the slides for their audience. They still prefer a paper-digital hybrid even when everyone has an electronic device and could follow along without a hard copy. That speaks to the perennial power of paper.
  4. Smart Businesses Know It Helps to Utilize Every Resource
    • One way you know this is true is to look at how many companies and nonprofits carry out their marketing strategies. Many organizations run both an email newsletter system and a conquest mail program simultaneously. Why do they do it? Because it works, but of course, you need a reliable printer to print all the envelopes, pamphlets, brochures, and whatever else goes in the mail. One product that assists with this is a multi-function printer, which can print, scan, fax, and more.

If you run a business and depend on high-quality printing, then you don’t need us to tell you that print materials will never die. Therefore, Southwest Florida Office Solutions exists to help you select and configure the best equipment from manufacturers like Xerox. We welcome you to contact us anytime for support or service questions by calling 941-484-4767 (Sarasota location).

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