IT Support

The smartest technology investments do more than pay for themselves.  Ideally, they integrate and streamline multiple office processes, simplify complex tasks, and free up your resources to devote more energy to your core business.

When you need more than just a vendor to provide a piece of office equipment, this is when the Analyst and IT Support from Southwest Florida Office Solutions will step in.  And in today’s competitive environment, choosing the right technology provider means getting more than the latest bells and whistles.  It means implementing a complete solution, solving problems, and helping you stay a step ahead of potential workflow obstacles.  Our representatives have Xerox’s global resources at their disposal, so it could be said that there isn’t anything they haven’t already seen or can’t research.

Our Xerox certified and trained Analysts will be there when you need them.  Here are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Pre-install Network  and Application assuredness
  • Installation of the full line of Xerox devices from Desktop to Production solutions
  • On-site training for users
  • Optional on-going support (including but not limited to) changes in workstations, users, locations, operating systems, remote management tools, customized training sessions, maximizing applications with your device, etc.

Rely on Southwest Florida Office Solutions, your local Xerox Agency, to give you the value you should expect from your investment.