Go Green

Xerox Green World Alliance

Xerox is committed to responsible and environmental business practices. Our industry-leading recycling programs have kept thousands of used cartridges and toner bottles out of landfills. Thank you for choosing to recycle your Xerox product.

Supplies Return & Recycling Program

The Xerox Product Take-Back Program suggests the following options for recycling used supply items:

  • Recycle locally. Check with your local municipality.
  • Download a pre-paid single item return label. Xerox will fund shipping for those items on our Single Item Return Take Back List.
  • Return your used supply items in multiple quantities using the Eco Box or Pallet Return Process. Xerox will fund freight on all Eco Box Returns and Pallet Returns.

Through the Green World Alliance collection/reuse/recycling program for spent imaging supplies, customers return more than 2.5 million cartridges and toner containers annually. Over the last 20 years, Xerox supplies recycling programs have kept more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills.

To return your used Genuine Xerox Supply items, please choose the recycling method that best fits your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Xerox’s Green World Alliance cartridge return program is a service for Xerox customers. Third-party recyclers, waste consolidating businesses, and similar entities are not authorized to utilize this program. Xerox reserves the right to refuse unauthorized shipments and/or return such shipments to the originator at the originator’s expense.