Make Printer Ink Last Longer with These Tips

Printing is an important part of many companies. In order to keep business running as usual, you need to keep your printer stocked with ink. For tips on how to make printer ink last longer, keep reading.

Did you know even if you’re printing something that is only black and white, a printer will use color ink to print the material? You can actually extend the lifespan of color ink by only selecting color printing when you’re printing something that actually has color. Select grayscale if you’re printing a simple black and white document to help your color ink last longer.

Another helpful tip to extend the lifespan of your printer ink is proofreading before you print. If you have a habit of printing a document, then checking it for errors, you may find yourself reprinting documents several times. Instead of printing more papers than you need, proofread your document before printing it so you only have to print it once.

While bold fonts may attract the attention of a reader, they also use up more ink. Limiting the amount of times you use large and bold fonts can help your printer ink last longer.

When you follow these tips, you can find yourself replacing your ink less often, saving your company money. Shop with Southwest Florida Office Solutions to find high-quality printers that can meet the needs of your business. We have locations in North Venice, Fort Myers, and Winter Park for you to check out. We hope you will shop with us soon!