Is It Time to Buy or Lease a Printer?

Many companies need at least one printer to help business run as usual. If your company is in need of a printer, you have two options: buying or leasing. To learn more about buying and leasing printers, continue on.

Office Printer

The first step in determining whether you should buy or lease a printer is examining your budget and your businesses spending habits. If you have a decent amount of money to spend, you may be interested in buying. Buying can be the more ideal option for those who are capable of putting down a large down payment. On the other hand, leasing can be a more suitable choice for the company that has room for monthly payments, rather than a large upfront payment.

When leasing a printer, you’ll always get the latest model when you renew your contract. This can help your company stay up to date on the latest models and technology. Additionally, any maintenance and equipment that your printer needs is covered in the lease agreement. However, monthly payments can increase as new models come out. Also, consider how often your business will use the printer. If there are months at a time where a printer isn’t in use, making monthly payments may not be the smartest way to spend your money. The average printer long-term lease ranges from 24 to 63 months.

Investing in a printer requires a notable down payment at the time of purchase. However, this process can be simpler for the business owner who doesn’t have time to keep up with a lease agreement. Plus, when purchasing a printer for business purposes, the printer can be used as a tax deduction. Keep in mind that printers do go out of date, which means your company may have to re-invest in a printer in a few years.

Now that you know more about buying vs. leasing a printer, you’re ready to browse the various types of printers on the market. At Southwest Florida Office Solutions, we have a wide range of printer products that are available for rent or purchase. You can shop our Sarasota office on Technology Drive, our Naples office on Jet Port Commerce Parkway, or our central Florida location on University Boulevard!