Is It Time for the Professionals to Fix Your Copier?

One of the worst things you can experience as a small or medium-sized business is needing a bunch of important copies when your machine is down. Sometimes this is due to poor maintenance or blatant neglect. However, many times it comes seemingly out of nowhere. 

So, your go-to, office service professionals at Southwest Florida Office Solutions put together this quick read to help you identify when it may be time for a copier service, before a major malfunction takes place:

The Call for Service Warning Light Is On

In your copier, this indicator light functions much like the “check engine” light on a vehicle dashboard. Just as you should take your car to a licensed, certified mechanic to take care of your automobile, you should also have a repair professional go over your copier.

It’s Time for Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Again, just like with your car (or any other major piece of machinery), there are certain points at which you should have regular maintenance performed. For your copier, this may be nothing more than checking out all of the critical components and running a few simple tasks.

Some of the Features Have Stopped Working

Most people nowadays use multifunction printers. If you are among them, it is likely because they have so many useful features. When these begin to go offline or become unavailable, it is definitely time for a service.

Your Copier Simply Isn’t Making Good Copies

If your images are coming out blurred, uneven, or off-color, there is no reason to just assume your machine is incapable of producing higher-quality copies. A few, simple adjustments and maintenance chores can improve things dramatically. 

A copier is one of the most important business appliances you own. It is critical to being able to quickly record documentation of any number. The experts at Southwest Florida Office Solutions can keep this crucial piece of equipment up and running for you. 

You can reach our Central Florida location at 407-636-8500. We look forward to working with you!