Investing in a Color Printer

When you think of office printing, you probably think of black and white documents. However, color printing has surprising benefits. Here are some tips for investing in a color printer.

A color printer inside an office

Catches the Eye

Some people believe that color printing looks unprofessional or distracting.

However, studies have shown that this is not true. Research shows that color printing has a lot of impactful, positive benefits when it comes to grabbing the attention of potential clients and creating a memorable impression.

If you want to expand your business and try out new advertising techniques, a color printer can make a significant impact on your company.

Improves Client Comprehension & Action

Statistics show that printing business documents in color significantly improves client comprehension and action.

Color documents can increase attention span by 82%, make a message 39% more memorable, increase readership by 55%, and increase brand recognition by 80%. These benefits can make the investment of a color printer worth every penny.

Much More Affordable Today

Many people are under the impression that color printing is too expensive for their office. However, newer machines are made with updated technology that allows for easier and more affordable printing solutions.

Rather than having your company’s printing outsourced to another company, print these pieces in-house with new technology for improved costs and greater control over projects.

Color Printers & More at SWFL Office Solutions

There are countless color printers available at Southwest Florida Office Solutions. Check out our products to find the most suitable device for your office. You can browse our selection online or contact us via one of our office locations in Sarasota, Naples, or Central Florida with any questions.

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