Increase Productivity in Healthcare with Print Management 

Of all the different industries that are rapidly evolving every year, healthcare is expanding and developing by leaps and bounds, not only in medical technology and pharmaceutical development but also from a clerical standpoint. The average hospital prints well over 90 million sheets of paper a year. Keeping any medical facility staffed and stocked with the right people and means to ensure productivity is essential. Today, we’ll review how a managed print service can make all the difference. 

Ensuring Confidentiality 

The confidentiality that exists between a physician and their patient is essential. In an ever-increasing digital world where records are stored via the cloud, security is vital and must always be maximized. A Print management company can encrypt all hospital and patent records and store them safely, free of any threats of being compromised. As with any industry related to the public sector, the privacy rights of those who rely on healthcare must be monitored closely and protected. 

Increased Productivity 

Unlike other businesses with a routine schedule and expected work quotas, the healthcare industry provides an essential service to the public. As such, their workload can fluctuate from light to heavy relatively quickly. As we learned during the pandemic, the necessity for experienced healthcare workers on the front line can happen when we least suspect it. A managed print service can be exceptional in handling the clerical and record-keeping side of things while the staff attend to their duties. 

Environmentally Responsible 

A growing movement adopted by several industries and the private sector has been lowering the carbon footprint left each year. The advent of a managed print service can reduce the amount of waste paper generated each year. Many managed print services seek alternatives that are less harmful to the environment. 

Streamlined Processes  

Technology is always advancing at an alarming rate in every industry. Having intuitive and user-friendly access can help the healthcare system operate in a streamlined fashion, allowing medilcal staff to attend to their patients effectively and ensure their well-being. 

Southwest Florida Office Solutions 

Whether it’s healthcare or any other public or private sector that you own or operate in, a print management service can not only streamline production and protect your data and information, but it can also be very beneficial in lowering the costs that printing any documentation usually incurs. To learn more about Southwest Florida Office Solutions, visit