How to Choose A Home Printer

Whether you’re a student who needs an at-home printer, a parent with children who love print-out crafts, or you’re working from home, a home printer can always come in handy. For tips on how to choose a home printer, keep reading.

How to choose a home printer

There is a wide range of printers available on the market to choose from. These printers include xerox printers, color laser printers, black and white printers, and multi-function printers. Certain printers may be better suited for you than others depending on your specific needs.

Inkjet or laser?

First, determine if you need an inkjet or a laser printer. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges, which are applied wet and rapidly dry on paper. Laser printers use toner, which is a type of ink dust that bonds to paper for faster and more efficient results. For those who plan on printing a lot, a laser printer is more ideal. However, those who don’t plan on printing as often may find an inkjet printer more suitable for their household.


Next, think about the functions you want your printer to perform. Of course, all printers print, but not all printers copy, fax, scan, and so on. If you want a printer that can do it all, opt for a multi-function printer.

Color or black and white

What do you plan on printing with your at-home printer? If you think you will only print word documents, like forms and essays, consider a black and white printer. However, if you want to print pictures or crafts, a color laser printer may be more ideal for your specific needs.

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