Helpful Facts To Choosing The Right Printer

So your office needs a printer. It may seem easy to just go to the store and purchase a printer, but there are countless units on the market that may or may not be suitable for your company. For helpful facts to choose the right printer, continue on.

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The first step towards picking the perfect printer for your business is educating yourself on the types of printers on the market. The first type of printer is an inkjet printer. These types of printers are the most affordable. This is partly because they are smaller in size. These printers are normally used for printing documents and photographs. While the quality of printing is acceptable, there are other types of printers on the market that are higher quality than inkjet printers. Another downside to inkjet printers is the ink may smudge as the documents dry and the cartridges may need to be replaced more often than is ideal for your company.

The second type of printer is a laser printer. Laser printers are more expensive, but they’re also a popular option that are most suitable for offices that print often. Laser printers offer high-resolution color that is excellent for all types of printing. These printers are also designed to print a lot of pages quickly, which can improve productivity in a busy office setting. Another perk to using a laser printer is they don’t have ink cartridges. Rather, they use toner. Toner does not need to be replaced as often, but it is more expensive.

Once you’ve decided between an inkjet printer or a laser printer for your business, you want to consider the additional features that are available with some printers. You can find multifunction printers that also scan, copy, and fax, in addition to print. You can also find printers that use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to computers, tablets, and smartphones. Think about what your company needs, as well as your company’s budget, when shopping for an appropriate printer.

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