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By going green in your office, you can help to nurture a greener world. It is important to carry out business in your office, but it is also important to protect the planet in the process. Go green today!

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It is vital to realize that our resources are finite. As you develop solutions for your business, you need to remember that the materials you use are limited. With this mindset, you can make more mindful decisions and develop better solutions for your company and the planet.

As you shop for products for your office, consider eco-friendly options. Xerox is a brand that manufactures Energy Star-status products. To earn this status, products must meet a strict international standard through the Energy Star program.

In addition to meeting this standard, Xerox also works with customers to create document management solutions that cut down document-related energy in half. Generating documents is a necessity for any business, but cutting down energy consumption in the process is cost-effective and environmentally conscious.

Third, Xerox sets goals for themselves in order to become greener. In 2002, the brand pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by 2012. Not only did Xerox meet that goal, but they actually exceeded it by meeting the goal in 2006 and achieving an 18% reduction. Now, Xerox is pushing itself even further.

All Xerox paper is sourced from responsible foresters. Additionally, the brand makes extensive use of recycled paper. Xerox High Yield Business Paper is made from mechanically grind wood that is turned into a pulp. This process eliminates the need for chemicals. It also produces twice as much paper with the same amount of trees.

Xerox did not forget about ink when re-imaging their products to be more green. Xerox Solid Ink color technology, which is available with Xerox printers and low-end MFPs, uses solid ink that simplifies the printing process and creates 90% less waste.

For assistance going green, shop Xerox products with Southwest Florida Office Solutions. We have locations in Nokomis, Winter Park, and Fort Myers. We hope to help you go green today!

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