Essential Tips for Preventative Copier Maintenance 

If your workday involves an office, then there’s a distinct possibility that your copier is one of the most important tools at your disposal. Without it, important tasks must be placed on hold or left unaccomplished. Therefore, much like the vehicle you have sitting in your driveway, it’s essential that you take some preemptive measures to keep it on the up and up. These tips and tricks can help your copier stay in the race and allow you to finish your work on time. 

Start it Up. Start it Early. 

While you might not need to use your copier at the start of your working day, it’s a good idea to fire it up when you first arrive at the office. Giving it time to warm up properly is one of the best ways to offset the premature arrival of wear and tear. 

Use Quality Toner and Paper 

A rule of thumb regarding the quality of goods and services we purchase is getting what we pay for. Talking shortcuts with cheap toner and paper can not only diminish the quality of your work but also harm your copier. 

Get into the Habit

The main idea behind preventative measures is to prevent problems in the future. Two measures you can take to help prevent these mishaps from occurring are to clean the glass regularly and schedule routine maintenance at least once a month. Depending upon how often you use your copier, staying on top of the cleaning and routine service will keep it working in pristine condition. 

Only Hire Experienced Technicians 

Copying machines, much like vehicles and other machinery we rely upon daily, requires the skilled expertise of experienced technicians to work on them. While you might feel tempted to fix a problem yourself, calling in an expert can ensure that the problem is taken care of and that your copier continues to work properly. 

Give it a Rest 

No matter how heavy your workload might be during the day, allowing your copier time to cool down and rest is important for ensuring its longevity. Powering down your copier is just as important as letting it warm up. Having your copier on too long is akin to letting your car idle for too long. 

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