Discover the Benefits of Secure Print Release

It’s tempting to believe that modern security revolves solely around digital components, given how much we all do online. However, this is a dangerous misconception because it is just as easy to lose control of sensitive information with printed materials as it is with web resources. This is why we approach security with an emphasis on both digital and printed materials.

Secure Print Release Printer Services

The best way to enjoy comprehensive control of proprietary information is to cover all your printing hardware with secure print release, a specialty service of ours.

What is meant by secure print release, and why might you need it for your business?

Secure Print Release Defined

A secure print release is a software program that actively manages your print jobs to make sure they do not inadvertently reach the wrong destination, potentially compromising proprietary information. This is vital if you ever have to print things like confidential customer information, employee payroll documentation, or anything else you would deem sensitive or private.

In a nutshell, the software safeguards printout contents by prompting the user to authenticate their credentials before executing the print request. It works just like any other authenticator program, relying on mobile apps, passwords, PINs, or other security measures. This makes it so you can still print, sending the command into the print queue, but it requires the extra security step as an extra precaution.

Business Advantages of Using Secure Print Release

  1. It ensures document privacy, making it less likely for the wrong person to pick up a printed hard copy they were not supposed to see.
  2. This increases accountability for every print task.
  3. It can also reduce the number of extra prints you make (which saves money).
  4. The software is user-friendly, provided users possess the security credentials.

Finally, secure print release offers terrific assistance for several industries; everything from education and healthcare to finance and legal services.

Ask Southwest Florida Office Solutions About Secure Print Release Services

We believe that comprehensive security is the smartest way to remain ahead of all digital and printing dangers, nowadays. This includes all the following:

  • Secure Print Release
  • PDF File Encryption
  • Security Monitoring
  • IP Address Protection
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • . . . and other security essentials.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions provides businesses and other organizations with every necessary printing resource imaginable. We hope this preview on print-out security helps you understand its necessity, and that you’ll keep us in mind if you decide to include such an important upgrade. Contact us anytime to learn more about managed printing services by calling 239-529-6074.