Cut Printing Expenses & Reduce Wasteful Printing 

In today’s technologically driven world, you may think that office printing is a thing of the past; however, copious companies and individuals continue to use printing. 

As a result, there is much talk about companies “going green” or taking steps to be more sustainable and lower their environmental impact by reducing wasteful printing and thus cutting printing expenses. 

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Here, we will dive into the benefits of cutting printing expenses and reducing wasteful printing, how to identify wasteful printing, how to cut printing expenses and reduce wasteful printing, and why you should speak with Southwest Florida Office Solutions. Read on to learn more!

What Are The Benefits Of Cutting Printing Expenses & Reducing Wasteful Printing?

There are numerous benefits surrounding cutting printing expenses and reducing wasteful printing, and they include the following: 

  • A 50% reduction of underutilized assets which drives down equipment servicing, leasing, and supply costs.
  • An extensive reduction in the total print volume.
  • Toner and ink costs experience a 30% reduction using centrally managed software.
  • Color printing can experience a 50% or more reduction as it is typically three to five times more expensive than greyscale.
  • The entire organization’s supply chain can benefit from a 25 to 30% reduction in externally sourced printing and internal print shop fees.

How Do You Identify Wasteful Printing? 

To minimize wasteful printing, the first step is to identify what wasteful printing is. Here are a few ways in which you can achieve this:

  1. Implement Print Tracking Software

Companies can cut printing expenses by implementing print management software in their printing processes. This is because print tracking software provides detailed reporting and tracking capabilities. 

How? Simple. Print tracking software allows businesses to print job attributes (like paper size and color usage) and monitor print volumes and departmental or individual printing habits. 

By utilizing print tracking software, you will gain insights into wasteful printing practices, allowing you to create and implement your waste control strategies. 

  1. Complete A Print Audit

Another means of identifying wasteful printing is by conducting a complete printing audit. First, you will need to assess your company’s printing needs. 

You must determine the number of printers used, their usage patterns, and their locations. Similarly, you must also analyze ink or toner consumption, paper waste, and print volumes. 

Once you know this information, you will help you understand the problem’s extent and identify improvement areas that allow your business to reduce wasteful printing and cut printing expenses. 

  1. Re-Evaluate Printing Practices And Policies

Another way to identify wasteful printing is to review your company’s printing practices and policies thoroughly. 

You must look for and identify any inefficient or outdated procedures that may contribute to wasteful printing. Similarly, search for ways to streamline or consolidate printing workflows, promote responsible employee printing habits, and encourage double-sided printing. 

How Do You Cut Printing Expenses & Reduce Wasteful Printing? 

Now that you have a better understanding of how to identify wasteful printing practices within your company, you can implement the following solutions to minimize wasteful printing and improve your organization’s printing costs:

  1. Cloud And Mobile Printing

You can enable Cloud and mobile printing features. These features can offer flexibility, convenience, and less wastage to customers and employees who print remotely and from their mobile devices. 

  1. Print Management Software

Comprehensive print management solutions allow companies to gain control over their printing environment. A feature-rich print software provides tools such as cost allocation, quota enforcement, print tracking, and print rules to lower print waste, thus encouraging responsible printing behaviors. 

At Southwest Florida Office Solutions, we can help you choose a print management software that meets your business needs. 

  1. Pull Printing And Print Release Stations

Organizations can implement pull printing functionality or secure print release stations. This allows clients to release their print jobs at the best times, lowering paper waste and unnecessary printouts. 

Customers can also check over their print jobs and make any modifications before printing, thus limiting errors and waste. 

Speak With Southwest Florida Office Solutions To Learn More About How To Cut Printing Expenses While Reducing Wasteful Printing

Now you know the benefits, how to identify wasteful printing, and how to cut printing expenses and reduce wasteful printing. However, knowing these things does not always make implementing strategies and solutions to better manage printing waste and costs easier. 

That’s where Southwest Florida Office Solutions comes in. Our company can teach and show you how to cut printing expenses while reducing wasteful printing. Simply contact us here, and we will be in touch.