Copier & Multi-function Printers

Having a copier or multi-function printer in the workplace is crucial. Without one of these tools, it would be challenging to complete most day-to-day office tasks. Yet, many find themselves wondering which is better between the two.

Multi-function printer in an office

Fear not, as we at Southwest Florida Office Solutions have the information you need to determine if a copier or multi-function printer is best for your office space. To help you pick the right device, we have spoken more about these tools and how they differ from one another. If you choose the right machine, you can keep your office functioning as it should with no stress or fuss. 

Do You Need A Muli-Function Printer Or Copier For Your Office? 

Although it might not seem immediately apparent, there is a difference between a copier and a multi-function printer. Cast your eyes below to learn more about these two options so that you can make the right decision when it comes time to outfit your office. 

What Is A Multi-Function Printer?

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective and less expensive office solution, then a multi-function printer could be the best choice. 

A multi-function printer will handle tasks such as faxing, copying, scanning, and printing, and it will be able to network and connect to a company’s computer system. Additionally, since multi-function printers are often compact, you won’t need large areas of space dedicated to their placement. 

Essentially, with a multi-purpose printer, you can save space, time, and money while ensuring your office tasks and workflow run smoothly. These machines are best for smaller companies or single offices that don’t experience high worker traffic. 

What Is A Copier?

A copier machine is often more expensive than a multi-purpose printer, but it can usually do more because it is equipped with many innovative and modern features. Yet, you should note that a copier often takes up a fair amount of space in your office. 

Unlike with a multi-function printer, with a copier, you and your staff will be able to make a large number of copies at once quickly and efficiently. You will also be able to collate and bind these copies with staples at the machine. 

Essentially, a copier machine is most suitable if you have an office or multiple offices that need to do multiple copying, printing, or scanning tasks in large quantities. 

If you have decided which type of office machine you want, or you would like to learn more about these machines to determine which would be best for your office, you can speak with one of our professional consultants at Southwest Florida Office Solutions

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