Common Printer Repair Problems

Those familiar with Mel Brooks’ parody Space Balls will certainly recognize the line “even in the future nothing works!” This certainly applies to our daily life, especially if you work in an office environment. Speaking of which, your printer is easily one of the most important aspects of the workplace, but it can fall short of expectations from time to time. Before you toss it out the window in a state of complete frustration, here are some common troubleshooting solutions to common printer mishaps. 

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Paper Jams

A paper jam is the most common printer problem. While tearing the paper out with luster and enthusiasm might be the first reaction, we don’t recommend doing so. A knee-jerk reaction like this can make the problem worse or jam some of your printers’ internal components. Consult your owner’s manual and be patient…this is a situation that calls for this virtue. 

Poor Quality 

If you notice that the quality of your printed pages has diminished or have several smudges, there’s a solution that’s relatively easy. Double check your printers’ settings. Making sure that the right paper and media are selected and that your ink cartridge is properly installed. If you still notice smudges, print several sheets until you notice the issue is corrected. 

Nothing is Printing 

If you find yourself standing in front of a printer and nothing is coming out…you should make sure it’s plugged in. (No joke.) If you have multiple printers in your workplace, make sure the right one has been selected, and if possible check the wi-fi connection. While this might seem rather elementary, also check if paper has been loaded properly. Last but not least, if all else fails, try turning the printer off and then boot it up again. 

Wi-Fi is Slow…and Printing is Slower

Here in the modern age, a strong and reliable wi-fi signal can mean all the difference between a productive workday and a sluggish one. A slow print job is a relatively easy fix. Check to see if your network is generating a strong signal, and if it’s still taking a bit longer to print, try moving the router closer to the printer. 

Southwest Florida Office Solutions

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