Check Out These Tips to Help Increase the Lifespan of Your Business Printer

A printer is a vital piece of office equipment that is relied upon heavily. We often take printers for granted until something goes wrong and they are knocked out of commission. From running out of ink to not functioning at all, irritating predicaments occur that cause bumps in the business road. Southwest Florida Office Solutions has a few handy pointers to help ensure your trusty printer remains trustworthy for the long haul.

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Nozzle clogging is a common problem that happens when a printer is situated in an environment with a low level of humidity. The solution to this dilemma is as simple as placing a humidifier in the vicinity of the printer.

Some printers spontaneously install an abundance of software unless you program them otherwise. There is no sense in allowing an unnecessary plethora of software to be consistently installed into your printer.

Cleaning printer heads routinely eliminates dust and debris buildup. This is important since an accumulation of grime can lead to paper jams. Interior parts of printers can be safely cleaned by gently using a soft dusting cloth. 

Unsuitable grades of paper can result in paper jams as well. Be certain to choose paper that is compatible with your specific printer. If you wish to use heavier paper, program the printer to allow you to do so. Make sure that you do not attempt to place too much paper onto the tray. By limiting the quantity, the paper is able to slide through the printer smoothly and without hitches. In order to avoid paper jams, no more than three-fourths of the tray’s total volume should be utilized.

Error messages do not necessarily require your printer to be evaluated or replaced. This warning may appear simply because the printer is not recognizing printing colors of documents. If you set the printing to solely black and white instead of color, you will have an easy fix to the problem. A faulty message that states a cartridge is empty can be corrected by carefully resetting the cartridge. 

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