Before You Purchase Your New Printer Checklist

Statistica’s statistics show that approximately 66% of Americans own a printer. Despite what some might believe, printers have not become obsolete desk ornaments and are, in fact, crucial tools for home offices and businesses. That’s why unsurprisingly, companies like Southwest Florida Office Solutions offer an extensive selection of printers. 

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Yet, with the many available options, finding the printer that will suit your needs can be incredibly difficult. Luckily, we have you covered. We will share the ultimate printer checklist, so you know what to consider before purchasing a new printer. 

Printer Purchasing Checklist: Here’s What You Need To Consider

Although there are many things we could include on our printer checklist, we want to share the most important tips. That’s why you’ll find below the top five printer considerations you need to keep in mind if you’re purchasing a printer for your home or business. 

What Size Printer Do You Need

Arguably, the most important thing you need to determine when purchasing a new printer is size. You might need a normal desk printer if you have a home office and don’t do much printing or a special standing printer unit if you’re a business with many printing needs. 

For example, there are numerous compact printer options for those who don’t need a scanner and copier. If you’re a person that needs extensive functionality, a larger size printer with all the modern features might be best.

Additionally, speed is another important aspect that you need to consider when choosing a printer. You need a fast printer if you have a high volume output daily, with multiple people needing to print numerous pages. However, you should note that if you choose a faster printer, you will likely have a decreased image resolution. 

Yet, some printers can print fast while maintaining a quality image and resolution, so speak with an expert at Southwest Florida Office solutions.

What Type Of Ink Do You Want It To Have

Often many people forget to consider what type of ink their printer should have. It might not seem believable, but some types of ink are far more expensive than others. In the long run, you could pay more for printer ink than you did for your printer. 

That’s why it’s crucial to establish which type of ink your new printer will take and if it’s within your long-term budget for office supplies. 

There are primarily three different types of ink cartridge configurations a new printer could possess. These include the following:

  • Inkwells: Some printers draw their ink from large inkwells that are refillable instead of ink cartridges. 
  • Two ink cartridges: The printers with two ink cartridges will have one black cartridge and one all-in-one color cartridge.
  • Four ink cartridges: Popularly, many cheaper printers will have one black cartridge and three separate color cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow).

In the long run, inkwell printers are usually far more economical because most can be refilled. Additionally, inkwell printers usually print more pages before needing to be replaced.

Consider Your Media Handling Needs

Before purchasing a printer, you must determine what you need it to do. For example, do you need a printer that can fax, scan, copy, and email or take a USB? Or are you looking for one that only needs to be able to print and fax without modern printing features? Determining what features you need will considerably help you narrow down your search.

You should also consider what type of printing you do when considering your media handling needs. For example, are you a photographer who uses their printer to print photos, or are you a signage company that has to have a printer for saturated graphics? Ultimately, the media you need to complete will help you determine the perfect printer for your printing needs.

Is It Easy To Use?

Another important consideration when looking for a new printer is if it is easy to use. It doesn’t help if you purchase a printer that’s incredibly difficult to operate. 

After all, buying a printer that’s easier to use will ensure you encounter less frustration and fewer troubleshooting appointments. Luckily you can determine if a printer will be easy to use for your home office or business by asking the below questions:

  • Is unloading and loading media (USBs and paper) easy?
  • Does the printer give you the control you seek?
  • Can you easily navigate the printer’s control panel, and is it easy to understand?
  • Is it easy to implement ICC profiles and media settings?
  • Can you save your customized settings and personal details for future print jobs?
  • Are you able to hit print and walk away until your pages have been printed?
  • Can you set up the printer’s driver easily, and is it simple to use?

Does The Printer Come With Product Support?

Unfortunately, many forget to consider if their printer comes with decent product support. Setting up and getting a printer working without product support can be difficult. 

Additionally, if anything happens on the line, it can become frustrating if you can’t fix the issue promptly because there is no product support. That’s why before you purchase a printer, consider the following:

  • Does the printer have technical support staff that answer queries promptly?
  • Is phone or email support included?
  • Will you have access to printing technicians or experts?
  • Does the printer have easily replaceable parts that won’t cost you a fortune?
  • Does the printer come with user tutorials either in the form of videos or booklets?
  • If there are known issues with the printer, are there ways to work around it to ensure a good user experience?
  • Should the printer go offline, will it be back in action quickly?

Speak With An Expert At Southwest Florida Office Solutions About Your Printer Needs Today

Now you know what to consider before purchasing a new printer from a reputable company like Southwest Florida Office Solutions. You can speak with us if you have any printer questions or need advice on selecting a printer that matches your needs. 
We have a wide selection of printers that are perfect for various needs. So contact us here or visit us in person, and we’ll help you.

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