Avoiding Paper Jams 101

Employees in a wide range of career fields rely on copy and printing machines. Whether you’re working in an office or school, chances are you use one of these machines daily. When the copier or printer is out of order for the day it will harm everyone’s workflow. Prevention is key when it comes to keeping these machines in the best shape possible. Here are some tips on avoiding paper jams to keep your workspace functioning properly. 

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Care For Your Paper 

You may not have realized that the location where your paper is stored plays a big role. The paper should always be stored in a cool, dry place. It should also be kept away from sun, heat, and humidity at all times. Since paper is so affected by its surroundings, if it’s stored properly it will have a beneficial effect on your machine’s overall performance. As soon as you remove the paper from its original packaging it will begin to absorb moisture from the air. Moisture then causes the fibers to expand which will change your paper’s dimension, flatness, and strength. Caring for your paper will result in better care for both your copier and printer. 

Paper Trays Need Love Too

The paper tray which can sometimes be forgotten also needs extra love and care to function properly. A great tip to follow is to make sure your paper tray is never overfilled. For example, if your machine can hold up to 2,000 sheets of paper that doesn’t mean it should be filled. An overfilled tray will cause the paper to stick together and the rollers will begin taking more than one sheet at a time. You can eventually end up with paper stuck in different areas of your copier. If you’ve been running into this issue frequently it may be time to consider a larger machine to fit your needs. 

Choose Quality Items

To keep your machines in the best condition it’s important to remember that cheaper items aren’t always your best bet. Choosing high-quality toner and paper will prevent damage from occurring. Low-quality toner can leave a residue on internal parts, cause paper jams, and eventually reduce the quality of your prints. Low-quality paper can also leave tiny paper bits known as “paper dust” behind which is one of the top causes of paper jams. 

Routine Maintenance 

Scheduled routine maintenance for your machines will save you both time and money in the long run. A service technician will look for wear and tear and replace anything that needs to be taken care of before a larger issue can arise. They’ll also remove any excess dust or debris stuck inside of your machines. Daily maintenance that you can do to care for your copier or printer includes turning it off or turning it to sleep mode at the end of the day. This simple step can help your machines run more efficiently. 

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