Advantages of Black & White Printers

Do you think it’s a waste of time to own a reliable black & white printer for your business? Think again.

While there are plenty of terrific reasons to have a vibrant color printer, it’s still smart to have a colorless printer for bulk work and anything that simply doesn’t need color. Check out these advantages of investing in a sturdy black & white printer.

Black & White Printers – Top Advantages

  1. It’s Much Faster to Print in Black & White
    • Have you ever printed a lengthy PowerPoint presentation and had to wait by the printer for a long time? That probably took longer than usual if you have colored slides. One of the greatest advantages of colorless printing is that it takes less time, meaning you won’t have to fight with other folks around the office to finish printouts. 
  2. Black & White Printers are Eco-friendly
    • They also use fewer toner cartridges and other parts, which means less disposable equipment piling up in landfills. As you know, we’re partners with the Xerox company, and they participate in what they call the Xerox Green World Alliance. By paying attention to detail and conserving printer parts, their initiative has reduced landfill waste by 145 million pounds over the past 20 years.
  3. It Costs Less to Print in One Color
    • It costs more to replace colored ink cartridges all the time if you print heavy volumes. You may find it better to have both a colored printer and a black & white printer; one for when you need color, and another for when you don’t.
  4. You Can Still Print Excellent Quality in Black & White
    • We’re big fans of printing pamphlets, fliers, and presentations with an array of beautifully colorful images. That doesn’t mean you can’t create something professional and appealing in black & white. Sometimes, it’s even possible to rely too heavily on splashy/ostentatious colors.

So, now you can tell that colorless printing still has its place in the world. That’s why we sell and install numerous Xerox printers, including ones that only do black & white. It’s a great idea to have options.

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