A3 vs A4 Printers & Copiers

Do you need an A3 or A4 printer/copier for your business?

We can help you decide based on your company’s needs. These types of printers have their strengths and weaknesses depending on which size product you want to print. We’ll explain how all of that works and give you the chance to weigh the advantages/disadvantages before deciding which to get for your business.

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What Are A3 and A4 Printers?

The first distinction between A3 and A4 printers/copiers relates to their printed size capacity. A3 printers are capable of printing outputs of various sizes, whereas A4 printers/copiers usually stick to the common 8.5-inch by 11-inch dimensions.

A3 printers can handle large workloads of printing and copying, even while you’re switching back and forth between various layouts. They’re larger than A4 printers and are ideal for clients who need to print thousands of pages a month. Many big companies opt for these heavy-duty machines.

A4 printers work well for smaller, less complex tasks. This is also the best way to go if you need to do specialized jobs like typing onto envelopes, postcards, or smaller paper. These are more cost-effective, and they do the trick for residential home offices.

How They Rate on Certain Printing/Copying Factors

Here are the major differences between the two printers based on a few important categories:

  • Volume
    • How much do you need to print? If your organization prints or copies less than 3,000 pages per month, then you’re probably good to go with a simpler A4 printer. You can find many that will do a fantastic job in black-and-white or color. If you exceed the 3,000-page threshold, we recommend getting a larger A3.
  • Print Speed
    • Most A4 printers are a little slower than their A3 counterparts, but it’s not necessarily the case. If you shop around, you can find A4 printers that are reasonably fast, but if you need to switch print layouts a lot, it’s still better to pursue A3 products.
  • Durability and Features
    • Aside from printing capabilities, both A3 and A4 printers are compatible with features like faxing and scanning. Again, however, you’ll have fewer options with the A4 kind. While A3 printers take up more physical space, they can do more things (like staple pages together), and are much more durable.

Most of what we offer businesses focuses on the larger A3 models. This includes the latest Xerox equipment and advanced multi-function printers.

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