10 Tips For Buying a Multi-Function Xerox Printer

Technology is always making leaps and bounds in today’s world. One day a cell phone can only make calls and then the next, it can turn into a map, video player, and camera. It’s a great time to be alive, to say the least. But there’s also a misconception out there that those leaps and bounds in tech are only relocated to one space and that’s not true because every day there’s something new added to the world of Xerox.

With all the new changes, how do you know what to buy when it comes to a multi-function Xerox printer? We’ll fill you in!

Multi-Function Xerox Printer

1. Do Research 

When it comes to buying a new Xerox machine, the first thing that you want to do is start your own research, the more that you know on your own will make the rest of these tips a breeze.

You want to at least have a baseline knowledge of what’s out there on the market, the popular features, and what you need. 

2. Know what you need

Xerox machines today come with a lot of features. Gone are the days where there were just two settings, one mode, wifi, or no wi-fi.

One of the keys to choosing a Xerox machine is knowing what you need. Is your business big or small? How often will you be using the machine? Once you know the needs, you’ll be able to decide what model works best for you.  

3. What are the costs?

Every business has a budget and when you know what you need out of your new Xerox machine, then you’ll be able to understand what price range you can work with. Knowing the cost of not only the model that you’ll be buying but also how much it’ll cost for servicing and supplies, then you can make an informed decision on what model you’ll need. 

4. Third-Party friendly

In today’s tech world, one term you’ll constantly hear is third-party. Third-party compatibility can be a big deal when it comes to Xerox machines because you want to be able to use as many add-ons as possible from software to everything in between. How much of that depends on what you’re looking for.

Always note the third-party compatibility so you make an informed decision. 

5. Easy to connect to the network?

One of the worst things that can happen when you buy a new Xerox machine and spend all that hard-earned money is bringing it to your workplace and realizing that your new purchase doesn’t even connect to the wifi that you use. That can be a huge oversight because it can render your new piece of equipment useless.

It’s important to make sure that your Xerox machine can connect to your network beforehand. It’s should be a big part of your buying decision. 

6. Is it easy to use?

One thing you don’t want to get bogged down with is how to use the Xerox machine.

With any new piece of office equipment, you want to ensure that it’s easy for everyone to use. That should be a big part of whether or not you buy a model because no matter how many features it has if people are shaking their heads about how to use it, it will defeat the purpose in terms of ease of use and convenience. You want to make life easier, not harder. 

7. Can it multitask?

An aspect of choosing a Xerox machine should be how much it can do. But not only that. How much can it do at the same time?

Going back to convenience, you want the machine to be able to do things at the same time rather than have a bunch of different processes that take forever. Multi-tasking is a big element to owning a Xerox machine. 

8. What about fixing it?

It’s great to have the coolest and most convenient tech on the market, but sometimes the more tech that something has, the harder it is to fix it. Take Ford cars or Tesla. A regular mechanic sometimes has a hard time fixing all the digital parts. The same goes for Xerox machines. Go with a model that can be fixed. 

9. Safety online

When a machine can connect to the internet, that poses risks to its security. When you’re looking for a Xerox machine, go with the model that can be safeguarded when used online. Keep your information safe. The documents that are going through it should always be safeguarded from hackers on the internet. 

10. Can it upgrade? What about software?

One final thing you want to look at is whether you can always upgrade your Xerox machine in terms of software. Software updates can often make your tech feel new without having to spend a dime. It’s always good to go with a model that has those features.

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